Candy & Jon Randolph
Harvest Realty Group, LLC

We love heroes and what they do for us and our community! In fact, so much so, we choose to give back 25% of our commission back to heroes to do with what they choose. 

Are you a teacher, healthcare worker, firefighter, police officer or in the military? If so, thank you for giving to our community. Now, let us thank you by giving back money to you! 

Sign up today for our Homes for Heroes program. Not only will you receive 25% of our commission, we'll connect you with folks who love to give to heroes as well. You can receive discounts with title companies, home inspection companies, and mortgage brokers. 


If if you are a hero and are looking to buy/sell. SIGN UP TODAY and Jon or Candy will contact you to get started on your American Dream! 

You can call or text us at 317-345-1592 for immediate sign up or complete registration below.